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Championships Documents
NAGVA CHAMPS XXXV - Official Tournament Guide Please see the attached Official Tournament Guide for NAGVA Championships XXXV. 05/18/17
2017 Annual Meeting of the Membership 2017 Annual Meeting - Agenda, MALs, Amendments 05/16/17
2017 Proxy Form 2017 Proxy Form 05/09/17
Past Championships Host Cities List of cities that have hosted Championships since 1983 01/10/17
Columbus Air Service Map (Columbus 2017) 01/08/17
Columbus AirConnect Map (Columbus 2017) 01/08/17
Columbus Pride Information (Columbus 2017) 01/08/17
Columbus Downtown Restaurant Map (Columbus 2017) 01/08/17
Columbus High Five Map (Columbus 2017) 01/08/17
Columbus Volleyball Information (Columbus 2017) 01/08/17
Governing Documents
USAV Indoor Rules 2015-2017 Full PDF of the most recently approved USAV rules for indoor play. 01/08/17
Rules & Regulations 2015-2016 Rules and Regulations including amendments approved by the Membership at 2016 Annual Meeting. 09/16/16
Bylaws 2015-2016 Bylaws of the organization as last amended at the Annual Meeting 2016 09/16/16
2015-2016 State of NAGVA A snapshot of NAGVA during the 2015-2016 season 08/22/16
Regions Map NAGVA Regions Map 12/29/08
Code of Conduct NAGVA Code of Conduct. 12/15/08
Minutes Documents
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes March 2016 03/27/17
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes January 2017 03/27/17
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes February 2017 03/27/17
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes November 2016 - Midyear Meeting 03/27/17
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes October 2016 10/31/16
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes September 2016 09/12/16
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes August 2016 09/08/16
NAGVA CHAMPIONSHIPS XXXIV - Highlights of Annual Meeting Highlights of Annual Meeting 06/28/16
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes 19 January 2016 02/28/16
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes November 2015 02/05/16
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes 06 October 2015 01/27/16
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes September 2015 01/27/16
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes 04 August 2015 08/17/15
NAGVA Board Meeting Minutes 23 June 2015 07/01/15
Officials Documents
Referee Exam Instruction Guide Referee Guidance Document for the R1 exam 06/25/15
NAGVA R1 Evaluation Form R1 Evaluation Form to be used by tournaments for R1 Practical Evaluations 11/11/10
Reference Documents
NAGVA Level Descriptions Descriptions of division levels within NAGVA 05/16/17
NAGVA Medical Re-Rate Form NAGVA Medical Re-Rate Form 09/27/16
New Member Data Form - June 2015 New Member/ Missing Data Form collected in hardcopy at tournments 07/04/15
NAGVA Skills Assessment Questionnaire 2015-2016 Skills questions raters use when observing/evaluating for non-rated or when re-rating individuals 06/25/15
Insurance Claim Form NAGVA Insurance Claim Form 02/18/14
NAGVA Player Rating Form (Re-Rate) Form raters complete after observing/evaluating re-rated individuals 08/19/13
NAGVA Player Rating Form (Non-Rate) Form raters complete after observing/evaluating non-rated individuals 08/19/13
Libero Tracking and Score Sheet Training 2013-2014 Training guide for scorekeeping with new libero rules 2013-2014 07/02/13
Past Tournament Dates (2010-2011, 2011-2012) Shows dates and cities for tournaments over the past 2 seasons. Some always occur on specific holidays, while others occur based on court availability and other factors 06/01/12
Parental Waiver For Minor NAGVA Parental Waiver For Minor 12/29/08
Results Documents
Seattle Championships XXXIII Results Results from AA, A, BB & B divisions at Championships Seattle 2015 12/13/16
Championships XXXII Results Championships XXXII Results 06/23/14
Championships XXX Results Championships XXX Results 06/05/12
Tournament Director Documents
Deciding Set (3rd Game) Score Sheet Deciding Set (3rd Game) Score Sheet 06/12/15
2 Set Non-Deciding Score Sheet 2 Set Non-Deciding Score Sheet 06/12/15
Line Up Sheets NAGVA Approved Line Up Sheets 07/06/14
Sanctioning Application NAGVA Sanctioning Application 06/03/14
Line Up Sheets Supplemental Line Up Sheets 06/28/13
NAGVA Libero Tracking Sheet NAGVA Libero Tracking Sheet 06/28/13
Brackets NAGVA Approved Brackets 02/04/11
Tournament Evaluation Form NAGVA Tournament Evaluation Form 09/14/09